Saturday 30 June 2012 - 7:45 AM - Front Royal, VA

FINAL RESULTS are up! We've also posted split times for every participant, and we uploaded an assortment of photos to Facebook as well. Many many thanks to volunteers Doug Morris, Alexander Snyder, and Peter Blank, as well as to the other participants who helped with setting up and packing up. And thanks to the Shenandoah Valley Runners for their sponsorship. Maybe we'll try this one hour track run idea again at a different time of year, and hopefully we'll see a few more runners next time!

Tired of the same old 5Ks and 10Ks? Want to try something different? How does running around a track for an hour sound? If this doesn't seem like your idea of hell, or if you're simply the masochistic type, come on out to the brand-new Front Royal One Hour Track Run and see how far you can run in an hour! We've also tacked on the concurrent Lane 7 One Mile Run for the short-distance types. Since we don't want the track to get too crowded, we're limiting participation to just 50 runners total, so please sign up quickly if you intend to participate! Registration/R.S.V.P. info appears below.

If you want to print up all the basic race info on a single page, download our completely unnecessary race flyer (PDF format, 258 KB)!


The event takes place at the Former 15th Street School in Front Royal, Virginia (directions below) on Saturday 30 June 2012, with check-in beginning at 7 AM and the two events starting at 7:45 AM. (Yes, we expect the stadium bathrooms to be open.)


ONE HOUR TRACK RUN (limit 36 runners)

Run as many laps as you can in one hour! We count your laps with volunteers and videocameras. At the end of the hour, we blow a whistle, you stop where you are, and we measure your final partial lap to get your total distance. And then you're done! Final results will be published here once we verify the lap counts and add up the figures.

To cut down on track traffic while allowing more runners to participate, we will divide the field in half based on recent running results with which you provide us when you register. The faster runners will run in lane 1, with lanes 2 & 3 also available for passing, and these runners will receive credit for 400 meters per lap (the length of lane 1). The slower runners will run in lane 4, with lanes 5 & 6 for passing, and these runners will be credited with 419.15115 meters per lap (the length of lane 4; yes, we did the math!). Neither group has any particular advantage or disadvantage, so don't worry about which group you'll wind up in.

Water will be available on tables set up alongside the track.

LANE 7 ONE MILE RUN (limit 14 runners)

Run a mile on the track in the outside lanes! The mile race will use lanes 7 & 8 and will start at the same time as the One Hour Track Run, albeit at a different point on the track. Participants will complete a partial lap (294.4371 meters) followed by three full laps (438.3023 meters each), finishing at the track's standard finish line. Each quarter mile will be marked.


None! This is all just for bragging rights. Complete results will be published here on the site within a week of race day, so at least you'll be able to see how you did compared to everybody else. We'll also be trying to get some photos posted.


Either event will cost just $2.00. Rather than bother with entry forms or online registration sites, we're doing simple R.S.V.P.-style preregistration via e-mail. Registrants will then check in on race morning, pay the $2 fee, sign a waiver, and receive their bib number.

To preregister, send an e-mail to with the subject "ONE HOUR TRACK RUN" and include the following information in the body of your message:

Which event?
Your name
Age on 6/30
Date of birth*
Mailing address*
Phone number*
E-mail address*
Emergency contact (name & number)*
Recent 5K or 10K finish time (one hour participants only, for seeding)

(Privacy promise: Information marked with asterisks above will be used for race purposes only and will not be published anywhere or shared with any outside parties.)

New registrations will be accepted in the order in which we receive them until the two events have reached capacity. Check our entrant list to see who is registered and how many spots are left in each event. We don't know whether or not this race will "sell out" before race day, but it's definitely possible, so please R.S.V.P. as soon as possible if you want to participate!

(Update: Okay, so with only ten registrants as of the morning before the race, our event has not exactly been in demand. Oh well. So if you're not signed up yet, you can still R.S.V.P. if you'd like, but we'll also take race day sign-ups too.)


  • This is a low-key, low-budget affair, held for no other reason than it sounded like an interesting idea. Don't expect anything fancy like chip timing, t-shirts, a big post-race spread, or decent organization! Yes, it's a competition, but we're just putting this on for fun.
  • Because of the nature of this event, it is not recommended for children or for runners slower than 12 minutes per mile. (We would love to be more inclusive, but we're concerned about speed differences on the track and the amount of passing people will have to do.)
  • Participants may not run with headphones, baby strollers, or pets. There will be a lot of people on the track, and we want everyone to be paying attention. If you absolutely cannot run without your iPod/MP3 player, this is not the event for you.
  • No on-site medical assistance will be available. Well, we'll have a basic first aid kit on hand and a cell phone for emergencies, but that's about it. Warren Memorial Hospital is about half a mile away.
  • In the event of severe weather or excessive heat/humidity, the races may be modified or cancelled. We'll run in mere rain, of course, but thunder & lightning is bad. (Weather forecasts: National Weather Service, Weather Underground, Weather Channel)
  • One mile participants cannot also be counted as participants in the one hour event. (In other words, no "doubling", 50 Plus Clubbers!)
  • This track, a 400 meter track with 40" lanes, has an asphalt surface (like a road) and is not suitable for spikes. Just wear your plain ol' running shoes.
  • Use caution when entering or leaving the track, and please pass other runners on the outside (to the right) during the race.
  • Depending on how many volunteers we wind up with, we may not be able to do a live lap count for every One Hour runner on race morning. (Truth be told, this is the main reason we're not offering any awards.) You can help us out if you'd like by keeping track of your own lap count or by bringing another person to count your laps. However, we plan on having multiple video devices recording the event so that we can go back afterwards and ensure an accurate lap count for every runner before we publish the final results.
  • Those of you with GPS watches are welcome to wear them during the race, but due to their inherent margin of error and the amount of turning you will be doing, your watch's measurement will not be accurate. From my own experiments on the track, I've found that my Garmin watch will add an additional 50 to 225 feet to every mile run. Your GPS watch will still be useful in counting laps, however.
  • Your $2 entry fee helps us pay the site fee and clock rental. The RD is definitely not making any money on this!
Shenandoah Valley Runners
Shenandoah Valley Runners
  Warren County Parks and Recreation Department
Warren County Parks & Rec.


We could use some help on race morning with lap counting and handing out water! If you'd like to assist, e-mail the race director. (And if anyone has an old VHS-C videocamera we can borrow, let us know!)


Get in touch with race director Karsten Brown via e-mail or at (540) 635-1773 if you have any questions or if you want to volunteer!


At check-in on race day, you'll be signing your name and agreeing to the waiver below:

In consideration of your accepting this entry, I, the undersigned, intending to be legally bound, hereby for myself, my heirs, executors and administrators, waive and release any and all rights and claims for damages I may have against any of the following: the Shenandoah Valley Runners, the Warren County Parks & Recreation Department, the County of Warren, race director Karsten Brown, and all additional contributors, sponsors and assigns for any injuries suffered by me in the scheduled June 30th, 2012 event. I attest and verify that I am physically fit and have effectively trained to complete this race. I understand the event's rules and restrictions, assume all risks associated with the event, and agree to abide by the decision of any race official relative to my participation.


The Former 15th Street School (formerly John S. Mosby Academy and Warren County Middle School) is at 500 West 15th Street in Front Royal. (Maps: Google, Bing, MapQuest, Yahoo)

From I-66, take exit 6 (Routes 340/522) and head south toward Front Royal. In 1.9 miles, turn right at a stoplight onto West 14th Street. 0.3 miles later, turn right on Massanutten Avenue and follow it for one block to the old school. Turn right onto West 15th Street and park in the lot on your left next to the stadium and track.

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